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Mark Spielman, Chairman                          210-396-3689
email the whole committee at: zud@bhana-sa.org

The purpose of this site is to provide working tools for the Beacon Hill Area Neighborhood Association ZUD committee.

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BHANA NCD Document               COSA Unified Development Code (UDC)
Committee Login COSA DSD Permit Search
Committee New User RegistrationBexar CAD Property Search
Committee Public Calendar BHANA NCD Simplified

Summary of Common Zoning Districts
Report a Vacant Building (anonymous)
OtherTexas Comptroller search for Corporations
FAQs about NCDsLast Week's NCD-5 Permits Issued
2017 CCR Documents amending the NCDMore extensive list of external links
Advice for Rehabbers and Flippers
Information on Boarding Homes in SA
2017 NCD-5 Zoning Map
2017 Future Use Map                                                                           

Updated 08/11/2017