Beacon Hill Area Neighborhood Association

BHANA NCD Summary 

Note:  Any disparity beween this information and the City of San Antonio Neighborhood Conservation District documents, the City of San Antonio documents shall prevail.  This information is provided as a summary and quick glance only.  Only the Residential standards are summarized here.  All properties are also subject to other city codes, including Zoning, Property Maintenance and the Uniform Development Code (UDC).  Consult the city's One Stop for help.


NCD Summary

NCD Intent

About the NCD

Building Height / Stories

Lot Size / Coverage

Front / Side Setbacks

Building Size

Impervious Cover

Garages, Carports, Etc.

Fencing / Fence Materials

Building Materials, Roofing

Principal Elevation - Porches

Principal Elevation - Windows

Principal Elevation - Front Walk

This is a summary of the Beacon Hill Area Neighborhood Associaiton Neighborhood Conservation District (NCD) guidelines for Residential structures.  The NCD also covers Commercial structures but they are not summarized here.

This is only a summary and is inteded as a guide.  Any conflict between this document and the City of San Antonio documents on the same subject shall be controlled by the City of San Antonio documents.

You can download the complete, current, City of San Antonio NCD for Beacon Hill by clicking here.  The complete document contains pictoral and graphical examples and notes that further explain each category and are not included here.

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Updated 08/04/2016